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Nadine Chirol

French writer, illustrator, comic book author and aspiring mangaka.


My comic book Memoirs of a pipe organ is available on L'Art de la Fugue's website in either French or Spanish: inspired by true events, it tells the story of a historical Spanish pipe organ and its journey from Spain to France.

My specialty is traditional art (especially ink and watercolors), but I also have good command of software programs for drawing and animation. I also ran several creative writing and drawing workshops at schools, museums and in libraries.

As such, I am one of the Magelis Talents from Angoulême.

I teach manga classes for beginners, age 10 and up, every trimester at the MJC de Fresnes.

You can also commission specific drawings to illustrate novels, or drawn portraits that you may use as avatars on social media. My prices depend on the intended use of the illustration. (Gift, advertising, commercial use...)


If you are interested, feel free to contact me!

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