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You can already order the comic book Memoirs of a pipe organ on L'Art de la Fugue's official website !

Feel free to ask for a signed original drawing on the flyleaf.

You can also order the Spanish version, translated by Belén López Villar and Frédéric Desmottes, the organ maker!


May 24th 1768: a small Castilian pipe organ leads a peaceful existence among sisters in the Buenafuente del Sistal monastery.

Everything changes when Napoleon's armies invade Spain: the monastery is sacked, the village is abandoned, the sisters are starving, and the pipe organ is silenced.

It will take decades and the combined efforts of volunteers, musicians and organ builders from Spain and France to save the monastery and let the pipe organ play again.

Inspired by real events, this story is presented by the endowment fund L'Art de la Fugue.

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